The Morey Family | Family Sessions

Jessica and Scott recently welcomed their first child, beautiful little Teagan, into the world. Their excitement was palpable as they arrived at BWP for their family session with their new bundle of joy. I was so excited as this was one of my first shoots of the year and I just think they’re the cutest.

Thank you Morey family, for sharing your afternoon with me.

MoreyFamily-3 MoreyFamily-4 MoreyFamily-5 MoreyFamily-9 MoreyFamily-11 MoreyFamily-16 MoreyFamily-20 MoreyFamily-29 MoreyFamily-34 MoreyFamily-36 MoreyFamily-44 MoreyFamily-49 MoreyFamily-51 MoreyFamily-55 MoreyFamily-56 MoreyFamily-57 MoreyFamily-58 MoreyFamily-66




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