Memorial Weekend Fun | Central Maine Family Photographer

I was thrilled when Ben reached out and invited us over for a BBQ on Memorial Day weekend, as we don’t get out enough these days – it’s really tough with a young family to bounce around from event to event on the weekends when the week was already so busy! So, this was a really nice break for the norm.

The weather was absolutely amazing, I mean perfect! Sunny skies speckled with clouds and a perfect 75 degrees. Ahhhhhhh, does it get any better than this?!?

The kids splashed in the sprinkler and frolicked in the water while the adults played lawn pong (an altered version of traditional beer pong using 5 gallon buckets and soccer balls) and soaked up the rays. Perfectly charred chicken, steak and sausage were served as well as countless delicious sides…I couldn’t get enough!

It was really nice to see our good friends and their beautiful children.

Thanks LaPlante family and I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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