Casey + Mike | Maine Engagement Photographer | Frye Island, ME

This wonderful couple reached out to me for a Maine engagement session while vacationing on Frye Island.

Casey and Mike are an absolutely GORGEOUS couple and they totally turn to mush around each other. The love radiates off of them. I don’t think it’s possible for Mike to look at Casey without smiling and as a great man once said, “it’s a beautiful thing.”

I love it when my clients are visiting or vacationing here in Maine because it always means that they are in their “happy place” and this couple was no different.

They were coming to the end of their vacation and would be headed back to New Jersey the following day. Both had been scoping out the island for great locations – and none of them disappointed! I LOVE it when a client does this, as I wasn’t familiar with the layout of the island. Frye Island is littered with numbered beaches, with beach 5 & 6 being my personal faves. I think we stopped at every location they had searched out! We were hoping for a beautiful sunset (like the night before), but were denied by a thick cloud cover. We were all ok with it though, as we made some real magic together.

After coming away with some of my favorite images ever, we hugged and parted ways. I felt like I’ve known them for years after just a couple hours together. The short ferry ride back to the mainland was absolutely beautiful. I thought about Casey and Mike’s love for each other. Engagement sessions are just amazing. There is so much excitement and unknown about the future. How lucky am I to be a small part of their journey?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: what an amazing job I have.

Thank you so much, Casey and Mike for sharing your vacation and evening with me.

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