Aru + Conor | Boston Engagement Photographer | Boston, MA

Where to start with these two lovebirds? There was a serious threat of rain, putting the session in jeopardy, so we bumped it up to earlier in the morning in hopes of avoiding a downpour. I met Aru and Conor on picturesque Myrtle Street on Beacon Hill, one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in the country. The streets are lined with stunning brick homes and sleeping golden retrievers – just an absolute dream location for a photographer. I have been salivating thinking about the images we would create together!

2015-07-02_0001 2015-07-02_0006 2015-07-02_0005 2015-07-02_0004 2015-07-02_0003 2015-07-02_0002

It sure didn’t disappoint! What a stunning neighborhood! Acorn Street might just be the cutest street ever. I mean, look at these images!

After we finished with Beacon Hill, we strolled over to Boston Common, which is adorned with weeping willow trees, sprawling grass and other majestic old growth.

2015-07-02_0017 2015-07-02_0016 2015-07-02_0015 2015-07-02_0014 2015-07-02_0013 2015-07-02_0012 2015-07-02_0011 2015-07-02_0010 2015-07-02_0009 2015-07-02_0008 2015-07-02_0007