Amber + Donovan | Maine Wedding Photographer | Pittsfield, ME

What a way to start the season!

My first thought upon waking on April 18th was, “YESSS, my first wedding of the year is finally here!” As I grabbed my phone to check the weather, the excitement was quickly followed by, “Oh man, the forecast is not looking good.” I can’t start the season with a rainy wedding. I just can’t. And won’t! So I did what a wedding photographer should never do; I texted my bride and promised that it would not rain. Nope. Not on my watch, it won’t.

What the hell was I thinking?!?

Amber and Donovan are the sweetest couple you could ask to meet. Amber has a smile that truly lights up the room and Donovan is, well, a gigantic teddy bear. When they are together you can feel the love radiating off of them. Within minutes of meeting them, you can tell they are soul mates and meant to be together forever. I’m not trying to insinuate that they love each other any more than any of my previous couples, but something was different about these two. They perfectly complement each other and the way Amber looks at Donovan is enough to stop you in your tracks. It’s the purest of love. Something I get real giddy about capturing.

I wanted to do something really special for Amber, as I’ve grown very fond of her fiancé’s family. I was lucky enough to capture Donovan’s sister’s wedding last fall and these people are as nice as they come. So, I arrived a couple hours early to the salon to capture Amber and her sister in-law, Caitlin, getting their hair and makeup done as well as all the last minute primping. Amber was very happy, to say the least and so began the most wonderful of days.

2015-07-16_00022015-07-16_0004 2015-07-16_0003

I arrived to the house eager to begin shooting, as Amber at the last minute let me know that she wouldn’t be getting ready in any old home. This is one of the most beautiful old victorian homes that I’ve ever seen. Ceilings that went on forever and enough rooms to get lost in. As you enter the home, you are greeted by a lovely little parlor that was something out of a movie.


Donovan’s family has a breathtakingly beautiful old Victorian home just down the street from the church where they would be married and a majority of the prep was done at their home. It was like a scene straight out of Sixteen Candles – family members scurrying all over the house, frantically getting things perfect in the waning hours before the ceremony.

They would exchange vows in an intimate setting, the First Baptist Church in Pittsfield, Maine, which just happens to be on the grounds of MCI, where both Amber and Donovan attended high school. How adorable is that? And to top it off they included their beautiful children, Isaac and Dalilah, in the ceremony as well. The two families celebrated deep into the night at Millennium, putting some serious wear and tear on that poor dancefloor.
2015-07-16_0029 2015-07-16_0028 2015-07-16_0027 2015-07-16_0026 2015-07-16_0025

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Oh, and I know you wondering…did it ever rain? When we finally finished all of our outside shots and everyone was under cover, it finally rained. And we danced.


Venue: Millennium
Hair & Makeup: Copper
Cake: Juanita Young
Flowers: Jodi Cook
Music: DJ Jaceman